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Our claims forms are in PDF format and you will need to have Adobe Reader installed on your computer to view them. If your computer does not have Adobe Reader installed, you can download it free by clicking here..

Make a claim on your Big Cat policy:


By far the easiest way to submit a claim under the Big Cat Travel Insurance policy is to proceed through our new eClaims portal provided by CSAL - https://www.submitaclaim.co.uk/bigcat This is a self service portal which allows for automatic claim updates via email or SMS. You can now log into your own personal portal to review information, upload documentation and check if there are any outstanding actions. If you have any issues with submitting your claim please do let us know here at the Big Cat Office and we will be more than happy to assist you.

Late submission of documentation or missing information on your claim form may cause a delay in processing your claim. Please be sure to complete all the required data on the claim form and submit all supporting documents  as outlined below to avoid any delays.


Important Information:

 - Our claims are handled by Claims Settlement Agencies Limited (CSAL) who are appointed as the Third Party Administrator of claims by our Insurer (Allianz).

For ALL sections of cover you will be required to submit:

  • Your booking invoice or validation certificate confirming proof of payment of the insurance premium.
  • Your travel trip itinerary confirming dates of travel.
  • Your travel booking confirmation receipt(s) showing the date of original booking and amount paid.
  • Travel/air tickets.


For Emergency medical expenses:

  • Original receipts.
  • Medical evidence to support nature of illness or injury.
  • Evidence of hospital admission and discharge.
  • Additional travel tickets.


For Cancellation or curtailment:

  • Your cancellation invoice.
  • Completed medical certificate if cancellation for medical reasons (which can be found on the claim form).
  • Copy of death certificate.
  • Redundancy letter.
  • Evidence from treating doctor confirming curtailment was medically necessary (curtailment only).


For Personal effects:

  • Receipts or other evidence to support ownership and value for the items claimed.
  • Baggage check tags.
  • A written report from the person / company to whom the loss was reported whilst travelling overseas (e.g. police report).
  • Proof of date and time baggage was returned to you (baggage delay claims only).
  • Evidence to support damage (e.g. repairers report of total loss or damage).
  • Copy of the cash withdrawal receipt showing the amount, time and location.
  • Confirmation from financial institution records that transaction occurred at the time date and location.


For Travel delay (Delayed departure/arrival, Missed departure, Seat bumping):

  • Replacement tickets and invoices /receipts.
  • A letter from the airline (or similar) confirming the scheduled and actual time of departure including the official cause of the delay.
  • A letter from the airline confirming non-travel on the original and reason for the seat being unavailable.

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