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Levels of Cover

Big Cat Travel Insurance offers 3 levels of cover with varying compensation levels depending on your budget.
All levels are per person basis

  • Budget - maximum age 49yrs
  • Standard - maximum age 69yrs
  • Premier - maximum age 69yrs

Check the tables below so that you can compare the different cover levels showing the maximum amount payble for each Insured Person subject to the appropriate premium having been paid and shown on the benefit section of the Validation Certificate.

SectionBenefitInsured Up toExcessInsured Up toExcessInsured Up toExcess
AMedical & Repatriation Expenses£2,000,000£150£5,000,000£90£10,000,000£50
Diagnostic Testing£10,000£150£10,000£90£10,000£50
In Patient Benefit£10 a day up to £200£10 a day up to £200£20 a day up to £300
Criminal Injuries Benefit£40 a day up to £400£50 a day up to £500£75 a day up to £750
Additional Non-Medical Mountain Rescue£2,000£150£2,000£90£2,000£50
BPersonal Liability£1,000,000£250£2,000,000£250£2,000,000£250
CPersonal Accident£10,000£0£15,000£0£25,000£0
Loss of limbs or sight£10,000£0£15,000£0£25,000£0
Permanent Total Disablement£10,000£0£15,000£0£25,000£0
Death Benefit£5,000£0£7,500£0£10,000£0
DCancellation or CurtailmentN/AN/A£2,000£90£5,000£50
Loss of Deposit Only - ExcessN/A£0£0
ETravel delayN/AN/A£100£0£100£0
Abandoning your tripN/AN/A£1,000£90£1,500£50
Hi-jack of AircaftN/AN/A£3,000£0£3,000£0
Missed departureN/AN/A£300£0£300£0
Seat bumpingN/AN/A£200£0£200£0
Missed Flight Connections (Optional)N/AN/A£1,000£0£1,000£0
FPassport and visa£150£70£250£90£300£50
GLegal Expenses£7,500£250£10,000£250£15,000£250
HPersonal effects£1,000£70£1,500£70£2,000£50
Single Article pair or set limit
Personal Money£200£70£350£90£500£50
Delayed Baggage£25 per 12 hours up to £75£0£40 per 12 hours up to £120£0£50 per every 12 hours up to £150£0
Cyber and ATM theft£200£0£250£0£300£0
Section I only appplies if the appropriate premium has been paid and is shown the Validation Certficate
IWinter Sports
Equipment (owned)£300£70£450£90£600£50
Hired total£150£225£300
Equipment hire
Ski Pack
Piste closure£15 per day up to £150£0£20 per day up to £200£0£30 per day up to £300£0
Avalanche closure£150£0£200£0£300£0
JCar hire excess waiver (optional)£6,000£0£6,000£6,000£0
K End supplier failure cover £1,000£0£1,000£0£1,000£0
L Valuables / gadget pack (optional)£1,000£100£1,000£100£1,000£100

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