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Ski Instructor Course Insurance

So you want to be a ski or snowboard instructor? You’ve probably found the right course abroad and are looking forward to hitting the piste and learning how to master the skills needed to qualify as an instructor.
But have you checked out the refund policy?
Ski instructor course insurance

Are tuition fees refundable?

Ski instructor courses are not cheap. Their so called “all-inclusive” fees often include flights, transfers, accommodation and meals. But what happens if you are injured or fall ill prior to or during the course - will the organisers refund the thousands of pounds you paid upfront for tuition?
In our experience they won’t. And neither will ordinary travel insurance cover you.

Ordinary ski insurance is not enough

Regular travel insurance for skiing is designed for those on ski holidays not for those paying out for professional instruction. Those tuition fees are likely to comprise the largest part of the overall cost. So while regular ski insurance may cover pre-booked flights and accommodation in the event of cancellation pre-travel, or injury and repatriation during travel, it won’t refund the substantial tuition fees you paid upfront.
Unless you have the type of policy designed to do so.

Get the right policy for Ski Instructor Courses

What you need is Big Cat Travel Insurance’s specialist policy precisely tailored to cover Ski instructor courses.
Our policy will cover the extra risks involved in training to be a ski or snowboard instructor such as intense on-snow training, snow sports and avalanche awareness training - risks that are not covered by standard ski insurance.
What’s more, our cover includes options such as on and off-piste skiing and snowboarding, and helicopter evacuation if medically necessary.
Crucially it ensures that the fees you may miss out on due to cancellation before you travel or if you are injured or fall ill during the course, are fully refunded.

Key Benefits of Ski Instructor Course Insurance.

  • Emergency Medical and Repatriation Expenses up to £10 million.
  • Cancellation & Curtailment up to £10,000.
  • Personal Liability up to £2 million.
  • Winter Sports Equipment - owned up to £600.
  • Winter Sports Equipment hire, up to £300.
  • Ski Pack up to £375.
  • Baggage & Personal Effects up to £2,000.
  • Gadgets & Valuables up to £1,000.
  • Legal Expenses up to £15,000.
  • Personal Money up to £500.
  • Tickets up to £1,000.
  • Passport and Visa up to £300.
  • Money back 14-day cooling off period if you decide to cancel prior to departure.

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Medical - First and foremost, The 'Winter sports' add-on provides medical coverage in the event of an accident or injury whilst on the slopes, this includes Helicopter rescue, in patient treatment in a hospital and repatriation to the UK if necessary.

Off-Piste - You are covered for skiing on/off-piste within the boundaries of the resort. If you are outside of resort boundaries/Heli-skiing, you must be within a group of 3 or more or with a qualified instructor with working communications equipment (mobile phone).

Winter Sports Equipment – Loss theft or breakage of your own Winter Sports Equipment is insured up to £300 Budget, £450 Standard or £600 Premier per person, subject to a limit of £100 Budget, £200 Standard or £250 Premier for any single item, set or pair.
Loss theft or breakage of hired Winter Sports Equipment in your charge is insured up to £150 Budget, £225 Standard or £300 Premier per Insured Person.

Winter Sports Equipment Hire – Up to £150 Budget, £200 Standard or £350 Premier per Insured Person in respect of replacement Winter Sports Equipment hire following loss, theft or breakage, or misdirection or delay in transit of an Insured Person’s Winter Sports Equipment preventing their use for not less than 12 hours.

 Ski Pack – Up to £200 Budget, £250 Standard or £375 Premier per Insured Person in respect of the proportionate value of any ski pass, hire or tuition fee necessarily unused following accident or sickness of the Insured Person, or loss theft or damage of the ski pass.

 Piste Closure – Up to £15 Budget, £20 Standard or £30 Premier per day per Insured Person to a maximum of £150 Budget, £200 Standard or £300 Premierfor additional transport costs to reach an alternative resort necessitated by a lack of snow or avalanche at your pre-booked resort following the closure of skiing facilities.

 Avalanche Closure – Up to £150 Budget, £200 Standard or £300 Premier per Insured Person in respect of additional travel and accommodation expense necessarily incurred as a result of the outward or return journey by public transport being delayed for 12 or more hours beyond the scheduled arrival time.

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We have a few options when it comes Winter Sports cover duration:

14 non-consecutive days
28 non-consecutive days
56 non-consecutive days

You can choose the cover duration you need. Remember, test the different durations, sometimes it's equal value - or better, to opt for the entire duration option.

When travelling to Europe, only the Unlimited option is available.

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Off Piste Skiing

Our Winter sports add-on provides suitable coverage for both skiing on and off piste. 

Defining ‘off-piste’ can be a little tricky but generally speaking, If you are outside of the boundaries of the resort, so out in the backcountry, heli-skiing or ski touring, for example, you would need to be within a group of 3 or more / with a qualified mountain guide with working communications equipment in order to be covered.

If you are just skiing in between two marked runs or going off the trail into trees/gladed areas within the boundaries of the resort, this would be covered as normal and the requirement to be within a group of 3 or more would not apply.

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Yes, bar work or working in a chalet is automatically covered with all of our policies.

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We offer a 'Winter sports plus' add-on that can provide cover whilst in Ski parks including jumps up to 9m (medium).

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Our Standard and Premier policies offer curtailment cover of £2000 & £5000 respectively (can be increased to £10,000 with the Premier) in the event you injure yourself and cannot complete the remainder of the course.

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